Hope For You International

Our Mission

Hope for You International Ministries exists to bring hope and healing to people by partnering with individuals and churches to build communities of compassion and love.

Renewing Lives

Hope for You partners with individuals and children homes to provide food, clothing, housing, education and medical support for children in need.

Restoring Hope

Hope for You takes time to invest in those who have little or no support by providing for daily necessities  and other needed items and coming along side to provide long term support.

Rebuilding Community

Hope for You partners with individuals and churches  to invest in the lives of people within their communities to provide resouces like food, clothing, hygene help, Bibles and training.

How Hope For You Cares

Hunger Relief

We partner with local churches to discover areas where there are food shortages and then provide resources to help them acquire and distribute food as needed.


Provides short mission trips to key areas to invest resources for people in need of help and to help create communities of support.


Regular monthly support is sent to children and widows in need of help and also to churches to provide food for distribution to families in areas where food and water is scarce.


We partner with local organizations to ascertain individual needs and then pursue solutions while also suggesting new ideas and opportunities.

Who is Hope For You

Hope for You exists to bring hope and healing to communities around the world.  Currently, that consists of helping in East Africa and Cambodia and also in the United States.  After receiving a dream to start supporting orphans AuDera and Terance Clark went to Africa to help pastors develop communities of love and support.  While there they met a pastor who donated 50 acres of land to provide a home base for housing children.

Currently, Hope for You is a resource for those in need.  About 50 widows are supported each month with food and supplies and childrens needs are supported at Huruma Childrens Home in Kenya.  Eight churches receive support as well and the leaders provide food and supplies for people in their region through our donations. One family caring for several orphans is supported in Cambodia.  Hope for You continues to find new ways to help those in need.

2021 End of Year Newsletter

About Us

Hope for You International Ministries was founded by AuDera and Terance Clark after AuDera had a dream to start a home for under privileged children, but she didn’t know where.  Shortly after the dream they took their first trip to Kenya where they both had dreams on the same night and the Lord telling them to help the people of Africa.

The next morning they were greeted by a pastor who told them he received a dream on the same night and was told to help them connect with pastors who could help them.  He introduced them to a pastor who donated five acres to Hope For You and they began bringing children in need there to help support them.

Today, Hope For You International Ministries continues to make regular trips to Africa to bring supplies and Terance and AuDera have a connection of pastors and children home leaders that they support monthly to help care for the needs of children and widows.  They also support eight churches and the communities they minister to.


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